For commercial and industrial low slope roof applications there are two basic types of roofing systems that are available to the building owner:

Within these two major categories are countless specialty systems, designs, styles, colors, blends, qualities, etc., that are available from numerous manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers have been producing high quality roofing materials for the professional contractor for over a century. Other manufacturers have just entered into the billion dollar roofing business. As with any industry, not all manufacturers are producing quality products, and introducing them through quality designs and systems. Experience tells us that some of the manufacturers that are "here today will be gone tomorrow".

For the roofing consumer, choosing a quality roof system is difficult if not impossible: too many new products, hot trends, cure-alls, and slick salespeople. To make the decision even worse is the statistic that in the construction industry, over 50% of all litigation involves a roofing related problem.

Need to roof a Restaurant? Warehouse? Cold Storage? School? Domed Roof? Cooling Tower causing problems? Do you suffer heavy roof abuse? Venting special effluents? Do you need to recover or tearoff? Building too hot or too cold? Does your roof drain well or does it pond water?

To effectively choose the appropriate roof system that fits each facility individually, is simply a matter of choosing the right roofing contractor. Porter Roofing Company is that contractor. We have teamed up with only the very best manufacturers, whose reputation exceeds the consistent quality of their products and design. We know these manufacturers to service what they sell; to stand behind their warranty obligations; to assist with a design issue or a product concern, and to be a telephone call away for prompt service. You can usually find Porter Roofing at the top of these "elite" manufacturers' list of approved contractors. By category, listed below are those systems and manufacturers that we are proud to be affiliated with and authorized by: