Porter Roofing is an approved applicator for major material suppliers - CARLISLE, TAMKO, GAF, W.P. HICKMAN, FIBER TITE, SOPREMA, GENFLEX, SIPLAST, FIRESTONE, SARNAFILL and DERBIGUM.

When your roof needs replacement, Porter Roofing is a qualified contractor able to solve complex problems. We will work quickly and with the least possible disruption to your company when re-roofing is necessary. Because we bring our own equipment we can manage materials efficiently and work faster.

The most important factor in the maintenance of your roof is to know its current condition. Scheduled roof inspections are the key to identifying problems in their early stages, before they major repairs. Regular inspections inable us to design a maintenance program that will significantly extend the life of your roof.

Porter Roofing will conduct a thorough examination of your roof and provide you a written report that will include a description of roof components, deficiencies and recommendations for repair
and warranty information. We will also prioritize needed repairs and provide complete cost estimates.

Emergency service is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our crews use advanced equipment and methods to find and repair leaks quickly.
We are trained and licensed in the repair of most major roofing systems, and have experience in tracing and fixing problems with cost-effective solutions.